Chocolate Ganache Cookie Dough Squares

Here is another Damy Health recipe. (Just click on the link to see it.)

Now this recipe may not be particularly clean, but it is delicious. It is made with natural, clean ingredients; however, there is a lot of coconut oil, so this is definitely a treat. This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, and no-bake, but it does require a few hours in the freezer.

Many of the recipes found on Damy Health are super easy to make. You throw most of the ingredients in your food processor and then into the baking pan. This is another one of those quick and simple recipes. However, I did find it difficult to mix in the dark chocolate chips after blending all the cookie dough ingredients together. The dough was very stiff to work with. I did add one tablespoon of water as the dough was blending, but perhaps I should have added a second tablespoon of water. I will need to try that next time I make these squares.

The recipe calls for the squares to be in the freezer for three hours, which I found to be a little too long. I pulled mine out after two and three-quarter hours, and I had a tough time cutting my pieces. After cutting, I simply put my squares into the fridge, rather than back in the freezer.

Also, the recipe states that it makes 12 squares, but I cut mine into 16. Depending on your sweet tooth, I think you could even cut them into smaller pieces. These squares are definitely delicious, but even one sixteenth of an 8×8 pan is almost too rich for me. I like sweet and rich, but I have my limits.

I have a child who does not like peanuts or anything peanut-related. He will eat almonds and some other nuts, but he will not get past the taste of peanut. This recipe uses peanuts and cashews, but I might try almonds and cashews next time. What could it hurt?


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