I had planned to make these pancakes last Friday, but by the time Friday rolled around I had changed my mind. I had planned on making something with chicken last night, but I changed my mind and made the pancakes. That’s what happens when I run out of energy and motivation.

The kids were happy about having pancakes for dinner last night. They love pancakes, and I seldom make them. I have to be in the right mood to eat pancakes, and that mood seldom strikes. I am not so certain that the mood was right yesterday, but I was looking forward to testing a clean pancake recipe.

I’ll be honest…I didn’t tell my kids that these were clean pancakes. I did not tell my kids what was in the pancakes. Two out of three children might still have eaten the pancakes had they been forewarned, but I know that one would have turned up his nose and driven himself down to Subway. Even though I did not tell the kids anything about the pancakes, I still held my breath as the Picky One stepped into the kitchen.

“They look chunky,” he said.

Truthfully I said, “The batter is just thick.”

I held my breath some more as he put three pancakes on his plate and proceeded to cut them into small pieces. He poured on some maple syrup and ate nearly everything on his plate! The pancakes were okay, in his opinion, and filling, which is why he didn’t finish. But, he also said that he probably wouldn’t eat them again. <sigh>

I knew the Picky One would be a hard sell, but I truly thought that he would take one look and run the other way, so I am pleased that he ate what he did. Everyone else ate their pancakes. The other two kids probably weren’t enamored with the pancakes either, but the Starving Teenage Boy did heat some leftover pancakes for breakfast this morning!

I thought the pancakes were a little on the heavy side, definitely filling, and not too bad at all. There are ways that I would adapt the recipe if I ever make pancakes again. I soaked the oats yesterday, but I think I would throw them in the food processor first and give them a pulse or two. I used one egg, but a couple of egg whites would work. The batter was quite thick, so I would likely add a bit more skim milk to thin it out a tad. My kids do not like fruit in their pancakes, but I’d love to throw some blueberries in next time. Maybe quinoa flour instead of the whole wheat flour to make them gluten-free…


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