Banana Blueberry Bread

There are aspects to eating clean that are challenging. I can admit that I enjoy the taste of baked goods and junk food and Diet Coke. I can eat clean for breakfast and dinner, but I am not yet able to eat clean 100% of the time. It’s a process, as I keep telling myself. I will get there. Right now I need to keep taking those small steps, because they keep me moving in the right direction!

One thing that is proving helpful for me is to surround myself with clean eating knowledge and recipes, whether through tangible cookbooks or virtual ones on clean eating websites or Facebook pages. Seeing what qualifies as clean helps me to better know how to adapt other recipes or eating habits in order to clean them up. And then, I also find recipes that give me the best of both worlds: clean eating and delicious treats!

Today I came across a recipe for Banana Blueberry Bread on a clean eating Facebook page. As I have been slowly adding clean and healthier staples to my cupboards, I had everything, or nearly everything, I needed to make the recipe this afternoon. The only things I lacked were buttermilk (blech!) and spelt flour. Since I never buy buttermilk, I simply substituted skim milk with some added white vinegar. Instead of the spelt flour I used quinoa flour.

Casey is home all this week, since it is exam week and he has no Provincial exams to write this semester. He could not wait to try the loaf, not caring at all whether or not the loaf had time to cool first. He ate it, and I haven’t heard any complaints! I liked it, too.


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